Home Tips For Blood Clot And Natural Treatment

Home Tips For Blood Clot And Natural Treatment

                The blood flowing through the veins is very important, maintaining the whole body, the blood is an essential fuel through the body, because the nutrient here helps to reach the cells, and oxygen to the various organs of the body. By supplying to the system, the blood clots simply make the red color, which becomes the place of injury or due to a particular disease,

           In some cases it can cause health, as it prevents excessive bleeding in the body, however excessive clotting can be a sign of serious health,

I want to tell you some tips that make the blood flow very well in your body, in all these ways I want to tell you,


Turmeric contains an element called cur cumin that works actively on blood plates to prevent clotting, turmeric is the best known active drug for many years, which has been used by many legitimate locos for many years, and in which it has very First place is obtained, it can easily disappear even the pain caused by the pitcher. The biological active properties of turmeric and its binding are attributed to,Turmeric acts as an anti-thrombotic or anti-coagulate,

In addition to controlling blood pressure, it also protects you from the loss of blood pressure, high blood pressure in the body can cause different diseases in the heart, behind the heart diseases is a normal human plaque involved, plaque arteries. , And slows the flow of blood to the head and other parts of the body,


According to the Nutritionist, garlic contains sulfur compounds, which are known to melt blood clots, if you want the results to be correct, you should eat raw garlic as soon as it flies in the morning, garlic works on the artery of the arteries, and It makes them relax and dilute, so that the blood pressure works, and you will not know that it acts as a thinner, which causes the formation of diseases, and which causes many diseases in your body. Only work will be done, all of you

          If you do not know all these qualities, then you should also use garlic, so that the blood remains in the right amount in your body, and the strength to fight against diseases comes.

Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds

These small biz are filled with healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which help prevent blood clots, and improve blood circulation, making platelets of flexoids, called blood clots in clots, hidden in the clot. Is,
The danger of hardening of the arteries from these seeds is very useful,
Daily eating 35 gm Chia Biz and flex Dough can work for people with diabetes 3 to 6 mm hg and 11 mm hg for people with high blood pressure,

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