Herbal Care Tips Hands And Legs

Herbal Care Tips Hands And Legs

              Hello friends, all of you are worried about the blackness of your arms and legs because when we roam more in the sun, all these smiles come, then I tell you many homemade tips that will help you blacken your hands and legs. You can, and your hands and legs will start to become blond, but you have to use these tips in the right way, one thing is that when you use a cosmetic product, then you have its side effect, but such a homemade product If you use, you will not have any side effects, that is my guarantee,

care tips

1. Apply petroleum jelly, and coconut oil on your nails, which will make your indigo look clean and nice, if you look very strong and clean, then you should gargle it once in every 2 days, due to this your nails are very natural will get,

2. When you make the dough for making chapati, after adding a little milk and 2 drops of lemon to it, mix it and leave it for a while, so that your hands and feet will look good, like a mosturising cream Will clean your hands,

3. Your hands and feet have also become rough and dry due to your work, so you have nothing to get tenses, I tell you what is her sweet treatment, one spoon sugar and 1 spoon lemon juice And mix it with a little water, and wash your hands daily so that both your hands and feet will be clean and white,

4. You should wear full size socks for everyday life, and if you can, your shoes should be soft in such a way that your fingers do not smile at all, and it does not turn black,

5. Take water in a tub and pour Vaseline in it, and then soak your salt in it till half hour, then clean it with your brush, keep doing this for 1 month, after that the glow will be different and very Will only get white,

6.. If the feet of your feet are torn, then you have to eat a good diet for it, which includes curd, milk, meat, fruits, and vegetables, eating postic food will rupture your ankles.

7. If you want to soften your skin for daily, and if you are bothered by torn, then mix glycerin and rose water and soak your feet in it for half hour, which will also change your feet. And the bursting of the audio will also stop.

8. If you also want to give shape at home, then read carefully what you say, take a little salt, then pick a little bit of mint and a little bit and put it in a tub and then pour 5 to 6 drops of oil in it and its quantity I will put a little water in it and then put your feet in it, its legs will look very beautiful but you will have to do all these things for 1 month only after that, and if you do not ever touch your fingernails with a cassock

9.Take three tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of almond oil and then fresh mint leaves, then take 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil and mix cardo and chop into small pieces and put it in the food processor Use and apply it like a scrub,

10.Apply the mixture of cucumber juice and glycerin on your hands, take the right amount of tomato juice and Chose juice and mix it and then apply it on hands and feet every night, applying it daily, your hands and feet are very Will look beautiful and attractive, and it will also have blondness,

11. Mix both the right amount of orange juice and honey and apply it on your hands,

12.I tell you to wear your shoes all day for 1 day and keep it in the open air for the second day, so that your shoes will never stink, and your feet will also be safe, which you have to take care of yourself.


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