Herbal Care Tips For Hair

Herbal Care Tips For Hair

      In today's post in Hello Friends, I want to give you some tips on how to take care of hair, most people are very nervous about their hair, because your face and your personality looks good because of hair, and hair itself If you are not right, you have a lot of gilt feel, most people go to the doctor with their hair key, and use the tablet, because of which you see the difference, such tablets do not even tell you the story and your hair problem Also disappear. In such a situation, I tell you all the tips of herbal remedies.


saffron hair mask

     The use of saffron can prevent hair fall, because saffron is very good, do not tell that saffron is full of antioxidants, which is necessary to make roots, but in how to use saffron to strengthen your strength,

           Take some varieties of saffron and soak it with milk and then add the sweeteners a little bit and stir them till they all become one and make a smooth paste, and gently apply it to your hair and give it 2 or 3 hours Leave this till, and then wash your force, this will give a lot of reflection to your hair, which will make your hair fall.

         The second remedy is also, take 1 teaspoon saffron powder and a little almond oil and heat it, then fill it in a bottle and massage it into your hair daily, it will make your hair very strong, and the damage will not stop because Both almond saffron is very beneficial
        In such a way, if you adopt native habits, you will never have any other problem,

Honey hair mask

    Banana and Honey Mask

      With these tips you can also make a herbal hair medicine, which will be very good for your hair, by which you can save your hair from falling,
     To make this, you need 2 ripe bananas, and half cup honey and 1/4 cup olive oil, the way to make this oil is to take a bowl, mix all the ingredients in it, and make 1 smooth post, And then apply it slowly in your scalp and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes, after that wash the hair with shampoo,
    This will make you very beautiful and very strong


     Egg and Honey Hair Mask

      With this tips, your hair will become stronger and it also has the advantage that your hair will start growing faster, and your hair will be very beautiful, I tell you how to use it,

        For this, take 2 eggs and 1/2 cup honey, take 1 bowl and make it a smooth paste, after that when you feel that it is completely mixed, then put it in your hair, and for 2 hours Allow it, then wash your hair,

coconut hair oil

Hello friends, you all know how effective coconut oil is, all of you use coconut oil of , people also use it to enhance the beauty of your skin and the glow of your body, the use of coconut oil Really keeps hair very strong and I know that till then coconut oil has made a different identity about it, massaging your hair with coconut oil gives your hair a lot of protein and vitamins. Which can remove the problems occurring in your force.

There is no problem even if you store coconut oil, you can use it anytime, and many of the best doctors believe that there is a lot of protein in coconut oil in the competition of all other oils. Many Sari diseases can also be eradicated, and this is a native recipe that will not cause any problem to your body, so all of you use it, and make your hair very nice and strong,

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