10 Car Problems You Can Easily Fix Yourself

You don’t just take your automobile into the store for all of your automobile issues. You can save a bundle by doing these 10 easy repairs your self utilizing alternative components and odd hand instruments.

Replace Engine Air Filter

Inspect and substitute your engine air filter. Just unscrew or unclip the air filter field retainers and take away the outdated filter. Then maintain a store gentle behind the filter to see how a lot of gentle passes by. If the filter blocks 50 p.c of extra of the sunshine, substitute the filter. If not, put it again in, save the air filter field cowl and preserve driving. Get the total step-by-step on altering your air filter right here. It’s one of many simpler issues you are able to do to repair up vehicles.

Replace Your PCV Valve

The constructive crankcase airflow valve (PCV) regulates the movement of flammable crankcase vapors again into the engine to allow them to be burned safely. The valve is designed to shut within the occasion of an engine backfire to forestall catastrophic engine harm. As they age, the PCV valve accumulates carbon buildup and the spring loses pressure, placing your engine in danger. Refer to your automobile’s upkeep information for advisable alternative intervals. Most PCV valves may be changed just by wiggling the valve out of the rubber grommet and disconnecting it from the vacuum hose. Then insert the brand new valve and reinstall. It’s that easy once you repair up vehicles. Click right here to get the total scoop on whether or not it is advisable to substitute your PCV valve.

Gas Lifts

Why danger your noggin when you may substitute gasoline carry cylinders your self? Just purchase new lifts at any auto components retailer. Then have a helper maintain the hood or liftgate when you disconnect and substitute the worn lifts. Many kinds merely unbolt utilizing a metric socket set. Others join with a ball and socket type connection held in place with a spring clip. To disengage the spring clip, merely shove a small flat blade screwdriver between the clip and the cylinder. Then pull the cylinder off the ball stud. Get the step-by-step guide for replacing your gas lifts here.

Replace Non-Headlight Bulbs

To entry burned out the license plate, facet marker and fog gentle bulbs, simply take away the retaining screws and pry off the lens. Pull the bulb straight out of the socket. Handle the brand new bulb with gloved arms or maintain it with a paper towel to forestall pores and skin oils from depositing on the skinny glass — that may trigger untimely bulb failure. Then push the bulb into the socket till it clicks. Reinstall the lens and also you’re completed. Get extra data on changing auto light bulbs here.

Replace That Broken Antenna

Replacing a fender mount antenna mast is simple. Just unscrew the remaining portion of the mast and purchase an alternative mast at any auto components retailer. Replacing a pillar mount antenna is a little more concerned however continues to be a DIY repair. Disconnect the antenna cable out of your radio and join heavy string to the tip. Then unscrew the antenna mount from the pillar and pull the outdated antenna and the string straight out. Attach the brand new antenna cable to the string, pull the cable again into the automobile and join it to your radio. Then save the brand new antenna to the pillar utilizing the screws supplied. Get step-by-step replacement instructions here.

How to Touch Up Chipped Auto Paint

If you don’t cowl paint chips with contact-up paint, they’ll rust and then you definately’ll have a lot greater downside in your arms. The actual touch up is easy. Just purchase contact-up paint, nice tip paint applicators and wax and grease remover from any auto components retailer. Clean the chip with the wax and grease remover and let it dry. Then dip the applicator within the paint and dab it onto the chip. Don’t add an excessive amount of or the paint will drip. Let it dry fully and apply wax after 30 days. Get the full guide to using auto touch-up paint here.

Fix That Leaky Sunroof

If raindrops preserve falling in your head, it’s most likely as a result of your sunroof drains are clogged. That’s one thing you can fix yourself in just a few minutes. Open the sunroof and search for drain holes within the entrance and rear corners of your sunroof. Once you find the drains, duct tape a small rubber or plastic tube to the tip of your store vacuum and suck out any particles caught within the drains. Then dribble water into every drain and test below the automobile to see if it’s draining onto your driveway or storage ground. If the drain continues to be plugged, purchase a speedometer cable from an auto components retailer. Insert the cable into the drain and gently push it down the drain as you spin the cable together with your fingers. Don’t push too onerous as a result of you may puncture the drain tubes and so they’ll dump water into your sprint space. Flush the drain after snaking it with the speedometer cable. If it now runs free, you’re completed and shouldn’t have any extra water coming inside your automobile.

Fix Small Dents and Door Dings

If you may patch a wall, you may patch a dent in your automobile. You’ll want varied sandpaper grits, a small can of autobody filler and cream paste and plastic applicators. Start by sanding the dent down to reveal steel with coarse-grit sandpaper. Then feather the sides. Clean the dents with wax and grease remover. Then combine the physique filler and apply a really gentle skim coat to fill within the sandpaper scratches. Allow the filler to arrange after which construct up the restore with additional layers not more than 1/4-in. thick per software. Feather the ultimate coat so it ranges with the painted areas. After it cures, sand till easy. Then apply a cream filler to the whole space to fill in any pinholes. Let it treatment and do the last sand. Then you may paint the realm with contact up paint. Learn extra about fixing car dents here.

Fix Tears in Leather and Vinyl
Upholstery retailers cost nearly $200 to repair tears in your seats. You can do it your self in a couple of hours with vinyl and leather-based restore equipment (lower than $20) from any auto components retailer. You’ll follow a bit to get the best shade combine and it won't be an ideal match once you’re completed, nevertheless, it’s a heck of loads higher than driving around with torn seats. Start by gluing reinforcing cloth onto the underside of the torn vinyl or leather-based. Then combine the heat-set filler to match your cloth shade and apply it to the tear. Next, discover a textured mat that almost all intently resembles the feel of your vinyl or leather-based and place it onto the liquid filler. Heat the patching software with a garments iron and press it onto the textured mat. Remove the patching software, however, depart the textured mat in place till the patch cools. Then peel it off. Learn extra in regards to the step-by-step strategy of leather repair.

Replace Your Cabin Air Filter
A clogged cabin air filter can harm your automobile’s blower motor and trigger your AC to run longer and more durable in the summertime. Cabin air filters are simple to entry and substitute and also you’ll save about $30 by doing it your self. It’s one in every of no less than 100 car maintenance tasks you can do on your own. Buy an alternative cabin air filter at any auto components retailer and ask the clerk to print out the setup directions. Cabin air filters are often positioned within the air ducts behind the glove field in late mannequin autos. However, some automobile makers find them within the cowling or console space. Just take away the entry covers and slide out the outdated filter. Note the route of the airflow arrows so you may set up the brand new filter within the correct orientation. Then reinstall the covers and also you’re completed. See the way to remove and replace your cabin air filter here.

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